Tips for a Sustainable Springtime


Aaaahhh it’s that time of year again when flowers are blossoming, trees are brighter than ever, and our skins are getting kissed ever so gently again by the sun… springtime!

We would love to advise you about several tips you might be able to use to enjoy this season more sustainably. So, if you want to go a bit deeper into the journey of sustainability but don’t want to totally overhaul your life you are at the right place!

  1. The ideal spring destination: Spring is the perfect season to (re)discover the most beautiful destinations, right in their blooming periods! The perfect place for you can depend on various things. Firstly, this can depend on the continent you live in. Secondly, this can also depend on which places you’ve already seen and would love to discover.


Thus, it comes down to whether you are looking to spend your spring close to home or whether you want to broaden your horizon and experience something completely new! At you can find several exciting locations on the green & hot & happening page, which gives you an insight into all the possibilities of places to experience, all while supporting our environment. Some wonderful places to consider this spring season are Dublin, Ireland | Stavanger, Norway | San Sebastian, Spain | Lamego, Portugal | Montreux, Switzerland | Keukenhof – Lisse, Netherlands | Krk Island, Croatia |Zadar, Croatia | Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba | Athens, Greece | Ljubljana, Slovenia | Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands | Stari Grad, Croatia | London, United Kingdom | Monte-Carlo, Monaco | Plovdiv, Bulgaria | Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  1. The perfect spring hotel: After reading some of our consideration, do you now know where you would like to spend your spring? Besides thinking about the hotel that meets all your needs, have you considered how they go about their sustainable practice?

The website encompasses of a wide variety of hotels that a meet your standards and at the same time contributes to impacting the environment in a positive manner. Let’s say that in the end you’ve chosen to spend your spring in Aruba, you can find the perfect hotel for you there which’ll meet your needs and at the same time are eco certified and are conscious about the carbon footprint per guest.


  1. Authentic activities: It’s amazing that you’ve gotten this far and are already thinking about what to do in your chosen destination!


Now that you have chosen your ideal destination and hotel, you can start thinking about the activities you would like to partake in. Many places have activities and events going on, so you will have plenty options. You just have to make sure that you look up the destination to see what they have going on that you might be able to join!

Let’s say that there aren’t that many activities or events that you might be interested in. You can also ponder going on a bike trip and explore the city you are visiting or just stroll around and discover non touristy areas, check if you can plant a tree 😊 and enjoy a picknick!



  1. Things to consider: Spring, is a season of fresh new changes and blossoming opportunities.

That is why the first thing to consider, is bringing a cheery mindset open to discovering new places and whatever the season might bring throughout your trip. Besides this, try finding out what you can contribute to the environment of the city you are visiting, whether it’s a planting a tree or making sure appreciate the nature of the area.



  1. Mindful Spring Thoughts:
  •  Plan ahead, check out what the weather is going to be like, the types of activities or events available and places you want to visit.
  • Use public transportation as much as possible
  • Check out the local markets for fresh spring produce and ask the locals for the best places to dine.
  • This goes without saying, always pay good attention for your safety and that of others.




Finally, hopes you enjoy yourself this spring season and the activities and events you choose to attend or partake in!


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