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With 5 years of experience in the consumer marketbookdifferent.comtakes the next step: we launch the TO Travel Tool. For travel organizations, with a green heart! This tool will give you insight into the sustainability performance of the accommodations you book. is an innovative hotel booking site that aims to make the travel industry more sustainable. We do this by providing insight to consumers and companies where and how to book green is the first organization in the world that brought together 14,000 certified hotels and calculated the CO2emissions of over 2 million hotels.



It is important to know which ecolabels you can trust and which you can’t. We therefore only work with eco-labels that meet strict criteria.It concerns more than 30 certification bodies out of a total of 200 labels available in the hotel sector. For example, Green Key, Travelife, Green Globe and the EU ecolabel. All accommodations that are certified through one of our partners can be recognized by the staygreencheck logo. A hotel with a staygreencheck can save up to 2 kg CO2 per guest per night!


CO2-footprint per accommodation

The CO2 footprint is calculated by an algorithm. This formula was developed by the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS), the ANVR, and a number of Dutch tour operators, as part of the ‘Carbon Management for Tour Operators’ project (CARMACAL).

Based onthe electricity consumption of a considerable number of accommodations, an average CO2emission per hotel is calculated. In addition, the energy consumption depends on using certain facilities (goes either up or down), which has also been taken into account. The emissions are expressed in kilos per guest per night.


Transparency about accommodations
Is your company intrinsically driven to contribute to a better world, by making aspects of the business operations more sustainable?

A first step in making the entire chain more sustainable is to gain insight into which hotels are actually green (er). The Travel Tool makes it possible to check your product range. Follow-up policy gives you the opportunity to increase the use of sustainable accommodations. And you can show the results to your customers too!

We offer a step-by-step plan for this:

Step 1
You only want to get an idea of the level of sustainability of your accommodations. You may want to know because you are Travelife certified. Or because you want to do a baseline assessment and based on the results increase the amount of green hotels you offer.

As a start we can do a baseline assessment for, for example, a limited amount of destinations. We show you the current number of certified hotels on offer and indicate the CO2-emissions per hotel (per person/per night)

Step 2

You want to know exactly what the level of sustainability of your accommodations is.

We can link our database with sustainable hotels to your database, and pinpoint precisely which hotels are certified. Furthermore, we can specify the CO2-emissions from (almost) every hotel.

Step 3
You also want to show your customers which hotels are certified, and what the CO2-emissions are per hotel.

We can do that through the staygreencheck and green foot logo, as used by


Finally: is available at all times for guidance and advice!


USP’s of the TO Travel Tool:

user-friendly, wide range, best price

evidence-based and verified sustainable indicators

insight in the level of sustainability of your accommodations

creates awareness with your clients

helps to develop a sustainable travel policy and contributes to CO2-reduction


Contributing to a clean, honest and sustainable world? If you opt for a hotel with the staygreencheck ánd a green foot, you can be sure you’re on the right path!


Contact us via if you want to start making further contributions to a better world by traveling green!


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