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With a sustainable travelscan we map for organizations how their accommodation suppliers score on sustainability. With these results of this analysis and accompanying report, one can steer towards a more sustainable product offer within an organization, improve on the general CSR performance and a reduction in CO2 emissions.


What does this include:

This analysis and report provide a detailed and weighted analysis for each travel destination where it is mapped at supplier level and how they perform on sustainability:

Which accommodations are certified and by which eco labels;

How the preferred suppliers score compared to the non-preferred suppliers;

How these accommodations score on the four pillars of sustainability with the staygreencheck score developed by bookdifferent (qualitative scoring);

The CO2 emissions of these accommodations, the travel destination, how these suppliers perform in relation to each other, and the weighted COemissions at the organizational level (quantitative scoring);

Overview on the score of sustainability at country and destination level;

A top 3 recommendation at supplier level and at destination level for the most sustainable choice;


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About is an innovative green travel data organization and hotel booking site with a mission, namely to make the travel industry more sustainable. How? By making it easy for consumers and businesses alike to book sustainable accommodations. is the first organization in the world that has brought together over 14,000 certified hotels of more than 30 renowned eco-labels with global coverage, has mapped how the certified accommodations score on the pillars of sustainability through the staygreencheck score and has calculated the CO2 emissions of over 2 million hotels. The methodology and the green indicators that disposes of is evidenced-based and verified by the advisory board of


We work together with a selection of more than 30 ecolabels like Green Key, Travelife, Green Globe and Green Key Global with a global coverage. All labels must comply with 3 strict criteria we have formulated: transparent standard, third party audit and assessment on site. is an innovative green travel data-organization and hotel booking site with a mission. The purpose of social enterprise is to make the travel industry more sustainable by making it easy for consumers and businesses to book green accommodations. By creating an economic incentive, we set the sector in motion.



The CO² footprint is calculated by an algorithm developed by the ANVR and BUAS in collaboration with The emissions are expressed in kilos per guest per night. This statistic model is based on the calculation of the data of actual realized CO² emissions from eco-certified hotels and the impact that facilities or hotels have on average emissions.


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