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Sustainable destination Northeast and Yilan Coast, Taiwan

Rolling grass hills, fun rock formations, pebble beaches, mesmerizing sand sculptures and ancient historic monuments, can all be marvelled at during an ecologic and geologic adventure!

Sustainable destination Northeast Coast National Scenic Area is a multipurpose tourist destination in northeastern Taiwan, offering green mountains, clear waters as well as cultural heritage sites and stretches over 102.5 kilometres from Nanya, just east of Juifen, to Suao. Recreational opportunities here include camping, rock climbing, hiking along a 200-year-old footpath and watersports, such as swimming, surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, boating, snorkelling and scuba diving.

The area encompasses 17,421 hectares of land and sea, including Ruifang and Gongliao District of New Taipei and Toucheng Township of Yilan, and it is noted for its natural beauty. Rock formations, unique sea-eroded landforms, rolling green hills, reefs, rivers, rich diversity of marine life, lighthouses and two of Taiwan’s best beaches are all to be found in this spectacular scenery!

Sustainable destination Northeast and Yilan Coast, Taiwan

The Scenic Area was founded by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan in the late 20th century and got promoted to a National Scenic Area not long after that. Duties of the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area Administration include maintenance and patrol of the area and provision of online information and services. The destination develops eco-friendly tourism and local inhabitants are actively working on improving their wastewater treatment, solid waste management and reducing their carbon emissions and use of water.

The Taiwanese destination won the Green Destinations Silver Award in 2018 and the Best of Asia-Pacific Sustainable Destination Awards in 2020.

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things to do

Nanya Rocks The steep coasts of northeastern Taiwan create the perfect setting for lofty cliffs and rocky terraces and can be ideally admired by hiking on the Nanya Geological Trail. The trail is 300 meters long and faces the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. The rock formations have different corrosion levels creating a highly diversified geological landscape and making it very fun to watch. Visitors can climb on a rock and take in the majesty of the vast blue sky and the sea while feeling the gentle brush of wind on their face, or simply hike the trail and be delighted by the geological and ecological resources.
Sand Sculpting Festival An exceptional activity specific for this area is the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival taking place from May to August every year on the 3 km long East Coast of the New Taipei City. The artists use the golden sands of the Fulong Beach to create mesmerizing sculptures and even go to different schools in the country to teach the students the art of sand sculpting. Visitors are more than welcome to shape their own small kingdoms too by mixing the white sand with water. The event concludes with both an international and a domestic competition.
Caoling Historic Trail The Caoling Historic Trail is a highly popular, easily accessible hiking path running over the hills from Dali to Fulong next to an inviting river stream and stretching over 8.5 kilometres. The trail was used to travel between Taipei and Yilan in the old days and starts from the Tiangong Temple of Dali in Toucheng Township, Yilan County, ending at Yuanwangkengkou. Along the way, visitors can admire historical monuments, such as the Tiger Inscription and the Petroglyph of Xiong-Zhen-Man-Yan, a third-grade national treasure preserved from the Qing dynasty, or in autumn the white-silver Miscanthus flower fields at the top of the mountain.
Fu Yue Attic of Fullon Hotels Try out the traditional Cantonese cuisine at one of the best restaurants of New Taipei City, where the executive chef, A Ji, combines modernity with tradition and creates dishes such as the juicy dim sum and stir-fries, arranging them in creative design.
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