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Choose a hotel focused on serving local food for your holiday!

As sustainable practices in the travel sector are growing rapidly, hotels are always trying to find more ways to be more responsible. One easy way is to serve local food. Sourcing food from the outside is often tied with a high carbon footprint and food waste whereas local food could reduce these issues. 



Best practices

This is one of the things CNN talks about in their article “The future of sustainable tourism may lie with all-inclusive resorts” (Buckley, 2019). 

A leading example is Ikos Resorts in Greece and Marbella. They source 60% of their food and drinks locally, including working with local suppliers to serve their own-brand olive oil, wine and honey. Not only that, they also include local restaurants in their all-inclusive offer.

Sourcing produce locally is a huge and crucial step in the direction of involving local communities into (mass) tourism. The Travel Foundation has been working on this with several projects.

In 2010, the Travel Foundation launched its Taste of Fethiye project on Turkey’s Coast. Within the scope of this project, they matched 40 local farmers with up to 24 restaurants across Fethiye, supplying them with up to 85% of their produce. Besides, they were able to use this for special marketing efforts, such as local food nights and craft fairs. 

Another Travel Foundation project is the three-year Flavors from the Fields in Turkey’s Mugla region, run together with the TUI Care Foundation. 

We wanted to see if that was a better way of spreading out the economic benefits of tourism,” says the Travel Foundation’s head of communications, Ben Lynam (Buckley, 2019). Lynham also believes that this can be done on a wider scale, within the whole hotel industry, despite taking a while to set up.


Buckley, J. (2019, November 9). The future of sustainable tourism may lie with all-inclusive resorts. CNN. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/all-inclusive-resorts-sustainable-travel/index.html

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