International Tourism Plastic Pledge is committed to fighting plastic pollution at holiday destinations is proud to join over 100 tourism companies and organizations, including TUI Group, Radisson Hotel Group, Hostelling International and Green Key International, in signing the International Tourism Plastic Pledge which was initiated by MVO Nederland. In doing so, we are expressing our joint commitment to reducing plastic pollution at holiday destinations worldwide.

Every year, more than eight million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. The tourism sector also contributes to this. Think of bottles, straws and bags used by tourists. Research has shown that hotel room visitors generate twice as much plastic waste as a normal household in the same region.

“ is committing to the reduction of plastic use in the hotel industry by signing the International Tourism Plastic Pledge. We see that there are quite some improvements to achieve and this pledge is an important step in the right direction. Besides, we at want to make it more tangible for travelers to see which hotels practice plastic reduction. This is also why we recently signed a MoU with the NGO Clean the World to highlight accommodations at that take part in this initiative.”, CEO, Lonneke de Kort, says.

Maria van der Heijden, managing director of MVO Nederland, highlights: “Tourism is one of the largest sectors in the world. As a result, the sector bears a great deal of responsibility and has the potential to make a difference. We are very proud to bring together these 100 companies in the tourism sector to sign this pledge. Together, these companies can make a difference in the transition to a circular economy.”

The signatories of the International Tourism Plastic Pledge recognise the urgency and the need to work together to reduce plastic pollution.



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