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The Hotel Carbon Footprint Calculator is an innovative online carbon calculation calculator for hoteliers to help them calculate carbon footprint in an easy and understandable way.

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We are aware that not for all hoteliers it is feasible becoming certified by an ecolabel. Next to the fact that it requires a significant time commitment from hotel owners, it also requires a financial investment. This is often not viable for smaller hotels, hostels and B&B. However, we know that more and more hoteliers are moving towards implementing sustainable measurements. At we want to capture this movement and facilitate hoteliers worldwide in becoming more sustainable.  And that is why we have developed the carbon footprint calculator to help hoteliers to calculate the carbon footprint to undertake steps for a more sustainable practice, save money and attract a growing number conscious travelers.

The methodology?

The Hotel Carbon Footprint Calculator is a tool specifically designed to report on your carbon emissions and is based on HCMI methodology, developed by the International Tourism Partnership and the World Travel & Tourism Council. These organisations have collaborated to unite hotel industry efforts to calculate and communicate carbon impacts by agreeing on a standardised methodology and metrics.The guideline applies the principles of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Standard at the hotel property level with the aim to improve transparency of carbon reporting by using one common methodology. We have teamed up Peterson Projects & Solutions as knowledge partner who has a impressive track record in carbon calculation in different other sectors. This organisation will take care of the verifying the carbon calculation methodology and the data correctness.

How does it work?

This tool guides you to measure and report on your hotel’s carbon footprint in a reliable and consistent way.  If you are a property owner just follow this link to register your property for a carbon calculation based on the HCMI methodology. Due to smart programming and effective online development we are able to offer this to you at very limited costs. You will be guided through this user friendly online tool with help of a clear FAQ sheet.  After finalising filling in all necessary energy data of your property and you have submitted your calculation, our team and Peterson Projects well excute a final check for the correctness of the data and verify the calculation. When we are ready you will soon receive a carbon certificate to showcase your efforts to your guests and we will add calculated carbon outcome add with a distinctive icon.

Not only will you be able to share your sustainability efforts with your clients to meet new market demands, but the improvement of efficiency will also help you to cut costs.  In addition, will put the hotels with a calculated carbon footprint on top of our search result with a distinctive icon! We believe that if you have insights in your carbon use you can improve on it!
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