This page with frequently asked questions will hopefully answer any questions you may have after your visit to our website!

Is bookdifferent.com more expensive than other hotel sites?

Certainly not! For the hotel reservations we work with booking.com, which means we use the same prices they offer. The best price guarantee from booking.com also applies to the booking you make with us.

What does powered by booking.com mean?

bookdifferent.com is an affiliate of booking.com. We use the database of booking.com and have connected it to the back end of our system. They ensure that all hotels are bookable and that all information is available. We have chosen to work with booking.com because they have the widest and biggest selection of all sort of accommodations anywhere in the world. All hotels listed at booking.com are also listed at bookdifferent.com. What we do is adding additional layers with green indicators so that you enough how accommodation perform on sustainability. Everybody has their own expertise ;)

Why do I have to enter my credit card number?

We and the organization responsible for handling the booking (booking.com) will never charge your credit card. Most hotels require a valid credit card to guarantee your reservation. However, the hotel you booked could check whether your credit card is valid and whether sufficient money can be ‘reserved’ on your credit card to cover all or part of the reservation costs.

Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

At most hotels on our website a valid credit card is required to guarantee the reservation. A small number of hotels also guarantee the reservation without a credit card and fortunately we see that more and more hotels offer this option.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

Yes, you can! The processing of the reservation runs through booking.com and so their rules for canceling or changing the booking also apply to us. In the reservation confirmation you receive from booking.com, you will find the information to view everything about your booking on their site. You can also cancel or change the reservation via the ‘my booking’ link. Always read the cancellation policy of the hotel before changing the reservation. Different cancellation conditions apply for so-called non-refundable rooms and other special offers.
On our site we mention the room-specific cancellation information on the page on which you choose the room. When you move your mouse over the rooms, a blue border appears around the relevant room. After a mouse click appear

bookdifferent.com is a social enterprise: what exactly does that mean?

A social enterprise, just like any other company, provides a product or service and has an earnings model. Earning money is not the main goal, it is a means to achieve the mission. The goal of the social enterprise is to create social added value, also called ‘impact’.¬†Our mission is to make the world a better place by making the travel sector greener, cleaner and fairer and to maximize the positive impact of tourism.

How can my hotel join bookdifferent.com and get a green label?

First of all, to be listed on bookdifferent.com your hotel has to be listed on booking.com (our partner) since we take their database and enrich them with the green indicators and staygreencheck. To receive a “green label” from us, your property needs to be certified by any of the more than 30 ecolabels we partnered up with. You can find an overview of them here. If your hotel is already certified by an ecolabel we do not work with yet, drop us a line so we can contact them!



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