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Easily book and improve your score on sustainability with our CSR travel platform!

More and more companies nowadays are intrinsically driven towards a sustainable world and aim to integrate this into the broadest sense of their abilities to their business and management strategy. Measurements such as green energy, LED lighting, waste separation, fair-trade products, FSC paper and electric cars in the parking lot are all aspects that companies with a CSR policy implement to be sustainable. With the CSR Travel Platform we provide an additional opportunity to this, booking sustainable accommodations.


What is it?

The CSR travel platform on our sustainable hotel booking site facilitates your organization when it comes to booking sustainable accommodations. The way this platform works, is that you get to create a unique company profile on for your organization. With this profile you can book your sustainable accommodations, manage individual employee accounts and keep track of the sustainable performance of your company. Additionally, with the monthly insight overview you can improve and steer the organization on the most sustainable path. Furthermore, this acquired insight can also be used as part of the organization’s reporting on long-term sustainable performance.

Why choose our CSR travel platform?

greenest choices of sustainable accommodations

user-friendly platform, easy to implement, most places, best price

 evidence based and verified sustainable indicators

sustainability reporting

conscious marketing tooling

strengthened CSR performance


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