corporate travel tool makes booking sustainable accommodations for your business trips easier!

More and more companies nowadays are intrinsically driven towards a sustainable world and aim to integrate this into the broadest sense of their abilities to their business and management strategy. This leads on increasing demand of sustainable business. With the corporate travel tool, we provide an opportunity to book sustainable accommodations on business travel easier.

What is it?

Similar to our tour operator travel tool, the corporate travel tool begins with a baseline assessment (sustainable travelscan) of your supply chain, meaning your accommodation providers. After completing this travelscan we are able to supply this green data to your preferred provider so you can easily book sustainable accommodations for your business trips. By integrating this data with your online booking tooling, the booking process for your travels stay as simple as you are used to.

The step-by-step plan:

Step 1: the sustainable travelscan (for corporates)

The sustainable travelscan is the baseline assessment. This tool gives insight into your supply chain and rates the accommodations you book in terms of sustainability. With these results of this analysis and accompanying report, your organization can steer towards a more sustainable product offer within your company, improve on the general CSR performance and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Step 2: integrate the data to easily book sustainable accommodations

After completing the sustainable travelscan as the baseline assessment, we are able to supply these green data to your prefered provider for business travel. We offer three options for this to enable your sustainable accommodation booking:


You can easily integrate our data into online booking web through Horse21pro. Horse21pro is a self-booking tool for paperless hotel bookings. The system is a cloud-based platform allowing for travel agency access and a self-booking tool combining offline and online trip management process and making it completely seamless.

Travel Management Companies (TMC)

If your organization is corresponding with a TMC, you can also incorporate our sustainable accommodation data in every business travel reservation of your organization.

The CSR travel platform

Smaller size organizations that do not team up with a TMC to book their business trips can make use of our CSR travel platform. Through this platform, we facilitate your organization on booking sustainable hotels and accommodations through your unique company profile on With this profile you can book your sustainable accommodations, manage individual employee accounts and keep track of the sustainable performance of your organization.

Why choose our corporate travel tool?’s green accommodation data integrated in TMC tooling

Evidence based and verified sustainable indicators

A greener sustainable travel policy and CO² reduction

Advice on sustainable procurement

Sustainability report on travel

Awareness & marketing tooling


We hope this sparked your interest! Let’s make the travel sector more sustainable together. Click on the button below to send us an email for further information.

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