carbon footprint travelscan

The carbon footprint travelscan for travel companies and corporates provides comprehensive and profound information about the carbon footprint generated by your accommodation suppliers!

As a mission-driven company, we constantly aim to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable travel sector. We can clearly see the demand for responsible practices in the industry as more travelers are becoming aware and the market is starting to be more interested in implementing sustainable measurements, especially in reducing carbon footprint emission.

However, we also know that is hard to take the first steps, oftentimes not knowing where to start. You’re a tour operator or corporate aiming to lower the carbon footprint of your travel offers but you’re overwhelmed by all the information on accommodation carbon footprint analysis and reporting. helps you take a further step towards reducing carbon footprint level through our carbon footprint travelscan. This tool gives tour operators and corporates alike insight into their supply chain and rates their accommodation suppliers in terms of carbon emissions. Using our ever-growing database of more than 2 million carbon-footprint-calculated accommodations, we performed these scans for many big players in the tourism industry, like EXO Travel.



What is it?

A carbon footprint travel scan is a quantitative scoring follow up of our baseline assessment – the sustainable travelscan. We map for organizations about carbon footprint generated by their accommodation suppliers. With these results of this analysis and accompanying report, one can steer towards a more sustainable product offer within an organization, improve on the general CSR performance and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Carbon offsetting

When most people hear carbon offsetting they only think of flights. But now more and more tour operators are starting to include offsetting the carbon of their accommodation offers as well which we believe is an important step in the right direction. With our carbon footprint travelscan we can help your organization jump-start the implementation of accommodation carbon offsetting.

What does it include?

This analysis and report provide a detailed and weighted analysis for each travel destination where it is mapped at the supplier level and how they perform on sustainability:

  • accommodation suppliers carbon footprint,
  • carbon footprint on destination level,
  • carbon footprint per accommodation types,
  • accommodation suppliers carbon footprint at the destination level,
  • carbon footprint per accommodation types per destination per guest night in kgs,
  • overview of the score of sustainability at country and destination level,
  • energy grid at the destination level, and
  • a top 3 recommendation at suppliers’ level and at destination level for the most sustainable choice.

What data do we need from you?

To complete a carbon footprint travel scan for your organization we need an overview of all accommodation suppliers per travel destination and the number of overnight stays per supplier and guest night over a period of one year.


We hope this sparked your interest! Let’s make the travel sector more sustainable together. Click on the button below to send us an email for further information.

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