BTM Conference 2019

In September 2019, was part of the BTM Conference in the Netherlands, all about the platform technology.

BTM, which stands for Business Travel & Mobility, launched in 2014 and ever since aims to create networking and education amongst peers. The BTM club is set up by and for corporate travel experts to facilitate meeting and exchanging best practices.

“This is the 4th conference we organize, and it is hugely encouraging to feel the eagerness of the travel industry professionals who come to share knowledge with each other. At this event competitiors and colleagues seek the solutions that go way beyond the interests of only one stakeholder.”, Carla van den Berg, BTM Club, says.


Platform economy

In 2020, companies that compete in a global marketplace will simply not be able to survive if they ignore the importance of working with massive amounts of data.

“If we keep doing today what we have always done, tomorrow we’ll be gone.”, Gwellyn Daandels, Cognizant, highlights.

Today, many business leaders have come to see DATA as the fourth factor of production. Bookings are now made multi-channel and increasingly more mobile.



All other presentations at the conference referred to the innovation companies put in place to allow integrating their own data with others, at times even with what traditionally be considered the competition.

The last seminar at the conference was presented by Lonneke de Kort, CEO and Birgit Roeterdink, Global Travel Manager with an impressive list of serving some of the largest companies in the Netherlands. In their pitch, they talked about aspects of creating and maintaining sensible hotel programs within the travel management policy, tips about sustainability, and integrating online booking platforms with more traditional booking methods.

“It is possible to make sustainability a fully integrated part of the corporate travel policy. This includes items like sustainable transport and of course opting for sustainable accommodations. One of the tools to assist, is the staygreencheck.”, Lonneke de Kort,, says.




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