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With, booking your overnight stays has never been so easy. But for us, it’s also about that different feeling – that good feeling, that while you sleep you can make the world a more beautiful place, too. We show you the greenest, most sustainable accommodation choices for your trip, so you can easily make the best choice, and start your trip the right way.

We also know that sustainable travel is about far more than simply picking a green hotel: it is up to us to choose to support destinations that are more sustainable, and to help ensure that our money goes into the pockets of locals while we are there. To contribute to that, we’ve partnered with Green Destinations to showcase the most sustainable destinations in the world, and also to highlight ideas of responsible things to do once you’re there. We empower you – the traveller – to make choices which bring positive impact. is the accommodation booking website for those who care about their impact.

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More than 2 million hotels at your fingertips, all checked for sustainability! From treehouses to farm stays to sustainable resorts, business hotels to beach escapes we have the right choice for you. Whatever and wherever you want to book,

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We ask hotels for their best prices, as well as their greenest! So book worry-free and know you’ve got the best deal for your pocket, as well as for the planet.

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How do we know which hotels are green? We know that searching for eco-friendly hotels or sustainable accommodations can be hard work. The good news? We’ve done that for you! No greenwashing, instead we’ve checked each and every hotel on for you, so you don’t have to. We assess each hotel’s green credentials based on facts and data as part of our staygreencheck. On top of that, we show you the CO2 footprint in kg per guest night of every single hotel on our website. It has never been easier to make the greenest choice.

how it works

It’s easy to support green with – simply choose an accommodation, book it, and go! To have the best impact, choose a hotel that has several green hearts from our staygreencheck next to it, and with a low carbon footprint. These are the accommodations that have the lowest footprint and best impact on our planet. We’ve picked some of our favourites to make them easier to find under our categories and for each holiday experience a special highlight – all with their green credentials checked.

Each time you choose a more sustainable hotel, you show that sustainability matters. For the full lowdown, you can read all about how our staygreencheck works here.

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